• "Artist Jen Larkin: Inspired by Light" - An interview with Emerson Rose Tenney, for CHLA.
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"Artist Jen Larkin: Inspired by Light" - An interview with Emerson Rose Tenney, for CHLA.

Last year, I was invited to participate in the 'Interviews with Artists' series, to help raise funds for 'The Playroom Project' at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. This is a project which is very close to Emerson Rose Tenney's heart, having volunteered there every month as part of their 'Third Thursday' programme. Emerson explains how she noticed the importance of creativity to the healing process and mental wellness; 

Their days are often dictated by procedures and process leaving them little control, so I like to ask them what they would like to do. A craft? Color? Or just talk? I usually start by just asking if I can come in, if I can sit on their bed, if they’d like to play. From coloring books, to paper snowflakes and pipe cleaner butterflies, I know first hand how creativity helps them feel less alone and gives a small respite to their circumstance...

I completely enjoyed participating in the interview and helping in a small way towards this worthy cause. As Karen Wrick, Director of Development for Children's Hospital Los Angeles explains: 

Unfortunately, the Child Life program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is operating in triage mode. Due to limited resources, we can employ only four Child Life assistants who open playrooms and implement activities for an average of three hours per day. However, it is imperative that patients and families have access to playrooms throughout the day and in the evening.

That is why teenager Emerson is making it her mission to raise the $50,000 needed to open the Child Life playrooms every Saturday for an entire year. In order to bring access to these places of creative expression for CHLA’s more than deserving patients and families, she will be conducting original interviews on the essentials of creativity with accomplished artists from around the world in an on going series called 'Interviews with Artists'. If you are moved by this cause or their interviews please donate here

You can read my interview online here, plus a gallery of work with artists' commentary by clicking here

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